Rani at Twelve - June 2016


Rani at 12 (Report from SOS Children's Village, June 2016)

Children Enjoy a Festival Celebration at the Village

Children Enjoy a Festival Celebration at the Village

Dear Friend,


Hope my letter finds you well. At the SOS Children's Village, we work tirelessly in transforming young lives around us. Our aim is to always give children a life of love, support, pasion and direction. It is the kind of support of sponsors like you that we are able to move towards achieving our goals. I'm pleased to inform you that your sponsored child, Rani, has made an immense improvement this year. Thanks to your kind support. Rani turned 12 this year in February.

Responsible and well behaved girl

Rani is a sincere and well behaved child. Her fine behaviour and pleasing personailty is praiseworthy. She shows a positive approach towards life and people. She maintains cordial relation with her family members and is emotionally attached with her mother. A responsible child that she is, Rani helps her mother in the household chores. She even accompanies her mother when in shopping groceries and other household stuff. "She is the first one to help me when I need something. She has taken a few responsibilities from me and waters the plants daily, also sometimes helps me in cutting vegetables", her mother told me. Rani is close to her siblings and her best friend Payal. She feels that her day completes only after she discusses her day with Payal. A quiet child, Rani avoids needless arguments and quarrels.

Stays healthy

Even at this age, Rani is conscious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The girl is involved in a number of fitness activitie. Her day starts with yoga. She gets up early every morning so that she does not miss out on her yoga practice. She even encourages her mother and siblings to practice yoga for a healthy life.

In the evening, Rani likes to play badminton with her friend Payal. Rani also feels that dance is a very good form of exercise. And she is interested in joining a dance class.

Educational activity organized for children in the village

Academic Report and Loving Memory

Rani is focused on making a good career for herself and knows that scoring good grades at school is the first step towards fulfilling her dreams. Currently, Rani is studying in VI class at her school. She is a sincere student who works hard to excel in her studies. Apart from academics, Rani is a playful and joyous girl like other girls her age and likes to cherish small pleasures of life in the company of her friends.

When I met her recently, she told me about the day she went on a picnic with her friends and family. "It was a very good day. We were out thw hold day and had lots of fun.I ate chaay )India snack) and Kulfi (Ice Cream) with my friends. We also played hide and seek", Rani said while remembering the most memorable day of last year.

Your warm support and kind financial help has ensured that Rani's life transforms for better. We are grateful to you for bringing light in her life. We at SOS Children's Village can't thank you enough for this. I end this letter with hope that you will continue your financial support to Rani in the times to come.

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