Rani - November 2015


Report from SOS Children's Villages, November 2015

Rani - November 2015

Rani - November 2015

Dear Friend,

We, at SOS Children's Villages of India, with your generous help have touched many lives in the most unexpected ways. e continue to provide many children in need with a loving family and also a chance to experience a normal childhood. I would like to share with you today the story of Subodh.

Moving ahead with unshakeable courage

Many years ago on a chilling winter's night, a toddler named Subodh was brought home to SOS Children's Village Kolkata and was placed under the affectionate care of SOS mother Soma.

It was very tough for Subodh to erase the traumatic memories from his heart, but by nature, he was very quiet and composed. Soma recollects, "He used to feel scared to sleep alone, and would get nervous at the hint of slightest danger. I had to instil confidence in him and through a lot of love and care, he started becoming more secure."

A sincere student, Subodh started his schooling from Bidhannagar School in Kolkata. Since the beginning, he was very good in his studies and throughout his education, he was provided with all the tutorial support and guidance to excel further. He passed grade 10 with an excellent score of 84% and grade 12 with equally good marks. Not only in academics, he also developed interest in sports and won several prizes in extracurricular activities at his school.

A talented young boy Subodh

Subodh even took the responsibility of his SOS Youth House cultural committee. Being fond of cooking, he used to prepare various dishes for his friends in youth house. As he is good in communication, he would anchor various cultural programmes and was popular because of his cooperative and friendly nature. Today, Subodh has come a long way! Presently, he is pursuing final year of Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering at Kolaghat Engineering College.

From being abandoned to developing confidence and hope, this is what SOS children are all about. I thank you for your kind support in giving a new and fresh lease of life to teh children.

I also take this opportunity to share with you, updates about your sponsored child, Rani

Rani is studying in her school and is a student of Grade 5. She is an average student and needs to work hard in Mathematics, Science and English for which she has been provided with tuition classes. Rani is growing up into a confident young girl who dreams of making it big in her life. At the recently held Sports Event at her School, she won second prize in the two-hundred meter running race competition and was very proud of her achievement.

Due to the noble supportof good friends like you, we have been able to mould a lot of lives for better. Your unconditional support in the form of donatios has brought about a huge positive change in the lives of some families. We continue to witness and experience memorable moments and I would like to share an inspiring tale with you, today.

Sabina lived in Kolkata with her husband and three children. She was a daily wage labourer at that time and her poor living conditions were evident from her tattered clothes and weak physique. She was enrolled in SOS Family Strengthening Programme a couple of years back. Initially, she used to come with her children during the awareness sessions and her children too seemed quite malnourished and weak. SOS provided them with supplementary nutritional support for six months and drastic health improvement was observed in the children.

Breaking through one's limitations

Sabina is now a happy mother

Sabina Bibi expressed her plight, "My husband was unable to workdue to his illness and arranging two times' meal for a family of two adults and three children was difficult for me. But after enrolling in support programme, I now work in the agricultural fields and have goat rearing business too, which was supported and funded under the programme.

Earlier, I used to get drained out and my frustration was expressed on my children. I used to unnecessarily scold them; but now I understand the love and affection that is essential for children's development. I attended various workshops and my outlook towards life has changed. I work hard for my children and am thankful that they are getting proper food and education."

The increase in Sabina's income and awareness has brought about a big change in her overall personality. Her confidence and self-esteem has also increased day by day. Her elder child Salima is good in singing and participates regularly at all special day celebrations at Kolkata village. She is also a Children's Club member.

Sabina feels grateful and says, "Life is absolutely different for me now. SOS' support has made us economically sound and has given me the much-needed confidence to face the world. I feel happy and confident and know that I can give a much better life to my children."

There are many like Sabina Bibi who makes us realise that at the end of the day, no good deed goes unrewarded and a kind word or a thought can go a long way to change someone's life. I thank you for standing by us and guiding us to make someone's dream come true.

Season's Greetings & A Happy New Year 2016

Drawing made by Komolini from Kolkata Village

(NOTE : Names in this letter have been changed to protect identities)

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