Rani at Fourteen - June 2018


Update on Rani from SOS Children's Village, June 2018

Dear Friend,


I am writing to you to express my heartfelt thanks to you for supporting Rani's journey. I truly appreciate your encouragement and commitment towards Rani in helping her build a promising future for herself.

Children perform
 a traditional dance during a festival celebration in the village

You will be pleased to know that over the last eight years of her association with SOS, Rani has emerged as a capable and well-adjusted girl. She shares a warm kinship with her SOS mother and is also close to her SOS siblings. Her SOS mother describes her as a very active and responsible girl who loves to keep herself busy with work and activities all the time. She also shares that Rani's strength lies in her sunny and cheerful temperament towards everything in life. This is a quality of hers that will stand her in good stead in times to come. She is a well-behaved girl who treats everyone with respect even those who are younger than her. She even likes to share her belongings with others. She never hesitates in offering her help to those who need it. She likes to help her mother with the household chores and her younger siblings with their homework.

Rani's Academic Report

Rani is currently studying in Class VIII at a good school. She attends school on a regular basis. This is reflected in her track record of consistent school attendance. She has been provided with tutorials in certain subjects like Mathematics and Science to help her improve her performance in these subjects. Rani is an average student who is working hard at doing better in her studies.Her teachers believethat she has the potential to do well in her studies if she is guided and mentored well to study. Rani's hardworking and sincere ways are appreciated by her teachers and they are all very fond of her.

An excellent sportsperson

It is worth mentioning here that Rani might be average in her studies, but she excels at sports. From badminton to basketball, she never backs out from playing any sports and always puts her best foot forward. She is a sporty girl who likes laying all kinds of games (throwball, basketball, badminton). Her agility in the sports field makes her a good player. She has won quite a few prizes during the cultural events conducted at SOS Chidren's village.

Youth boys enjoy outing during vacations

She also loves to dance on stage and is not at all afraid of the stage. Rani also considers cooking as her favourite hobby. The entire act of cooking calms her and relaxes her. Besides, she likes the taste of the food cooked by her. Her cooking skills are much appreciated by the SOS family. The evening prayer assembly that is held every day is her favourite time of the day. This is because the evening prayers make her calm. Rani is also a good story teller. She likes narrating folk tales from the jungle. She tells stories with a lot of drama and expressions. Every year, she looks forward to Christmas Day celebrations. She likes togather round the Christmas tree eating brownies and opening presents.

A gradual process towards a better tomorrow.

I am pleased to see Rani's emergence as a confident and capable young woman.She needs to spend more time focussing on her studies. Rani has expressed the desire to continue her education and pursue higher studies in the future. As she is still quite young, she remains undecided about what kind of career she would like to pursue for herself. She shall be provided with career counselling sessions in the future to help her make a more sound decision about her career choices. I am sure that with the required amount of guidance and supervision, Rani will definitely blossom into an accomplished and successful young woman.

I would like to add that all this has been madepossible through your supportive engagement in Rani's life. So, here's extending a warm thank you to you once again for your contribution and commitment towards Rani.

Yours sincerely,
National Sponsorship Co-ordinator

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