Rani - November 2017


Report from SOS Children's Villages, November 2017

Rani - November 2017

Rani - November 2017

Dear Friend,

When the year comes to a close and the new one is right around the corner knockingon the door, we know it is time for Christmas, the festival of joy and hope. We at SOS Children's Villages of India, try to provide the best support to children with the help of your generous contributions and I am thankful to you for your help.

Once again it is time for me to she updates about your sponsored child,


Rani, like her name literally means, is truly the queen of the house. In grade 7 now, she is doing well in the village as well as in her studies. Her favourite holidays are Christmas holidays as all siblings get together and there are celebrations in the village. She is also good in many things such as dancing and has beautiful handwriting. At home, she is a very loving daughter and a caring elder sister to her siblings. Her SOS mother says, "Rani is such a lovely girl. Wherever she goes, she spreads lot of smile and love."

At SOS Children's Village, we usually gather to share happy memories from the past year and say words of gratitude to our loved ones. Through this letter, I would like to share some of their stories with you. I am sure you will enjoy reading, as much as I enjoyed hearing them.

Mahalaya Celebration

Mahalaya is one of the popular festivals in west Bengalstate. The literal meaning of Mahalaya is 'homecoming', celebrations before the main Durga puja festival. This festival is ce;ebrated with a lot of cheer and good food in the village.

Children enjoying the fun games during the festival

The children especially love this time as they get to eat their favourite ssweet "kheerkadamb" (indian dessert of milk cake with lots of sugar) and play various fun games.

On the occasion of Mahalaya, a drawing competition was also organised in the village. All the children actively participated in the competition. Little Kiran shared, "we were so excited to draw on the theme of Mahalaya. I drew the face of the Goddess Durga. My best friend Tista drew a mystical story scene. At the end of the competition, the three best drawings were selected."

But everyone was a winner that day! Having taken back learning, happy memories and a lot of enjoyment, no one felt left out. Wouldn't you agree that that is the true spirit of the festivities?

Celebrating the victory together...

It was a Sunday evening and I saw a lot of hustle-bustle in one of the families in the village. I wondered what was going on. When I went in, the living room was decorated and there was a big poster congratulating Sameer.

Since the beginning of the schooling Sameer was average in studies. He was provided with all the tutorial support and guidance to excel in the field of education. This young boy had completed his paramedical course and achieved his dream of becoming a medical executive!

Sameer (in orange shirt) enjoying the meal with his SOS siblings

Sameer's SOS mother Irawati and his SOS siblings got ecstatic with the news. The entire family decided to celebrate his success. The family enjpyed a sumptuous lunch,prepared by mother and elder sisters. Sameer's SOS mother proudly shared, "I was so happy that I wanted to share my happiness with all my children." she continued, her eyes brimming with happy tears.

It was such a wonderful sight to see the entire family celebrate the success together! This is what a family is all about, isn't it?

Football is my first love!

Becoming the best football player in the world is a dream for many youngsters. Isn't it? Sometimes it may just remain a dream in their life; and most of the time they may give it up. But Divakar was someone who did not give up. He followed his dreams... till he became the star footballer in his school, I feel such pride in sharingwith you this young boy's recent achievement.

Young football star Divakar

From childhood, his only passion has been football. He played in his school and in the village, observing his SOS elder brothers.. He was very glad when he made it to the school football team. He used to practiseeach day and night. The village recognised his talents and provided a very good football coach for little Divakar.

The big day came when he participated in the inter school football tournament. "Yipee!!! Mom, come here, I want to show you my trophy," yelled Divakar, when he came back from the tournament. His school won the tournament.

Divakar recalls that moment, "I was on the seventh sky after receiving the Best Player of the tournament. I amnow determined to play more tougher levels." Yes, now Divakar just cannot wait to go and play and win more accolades.

You bring joy and colour in their lives!

It is so true that sponsoring a child in need completely changes the future of that child. But I feel it surely fills your own life with happiness and pride. Knowing that your contributions are ensuring that the dreams of children like Divakar, Sameer, Kiran and many more children, come true. Thank you so much from the bottom of my grateful heart! I truly appreciate you standing by our side and being a part of the journey of the children in SOS Children's Village. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Warm regards,
National Sponsorship Co-ordinator

*All names changed due to privacy reasons

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