Rani - November 2018


Report from SOS Children's Villages, November 2018

Rani - November 2018

Rani - November 2018

Dear Friend,

It is a pleasure for me to greet you and thank you for your continuous support! I am delighted to tell you about the progress of your sponsored child, made during the year and to express how much I appreciate your help.

Your sponsored child, Rani.

Thanks for your support towards Rani!
Rani is growing happily in the supervision and care of her SOS mother. She is the centre of attraction both at school and her SOS family home. This girl is presently in Grade 8 and is performing extremely well in all the subjects. She is regular to school and evening tuition classes. She finds Maths and Science a bit challenging but she is confident of coping up soon. She says, "I don't fear to express my feelings as I am not hurting anyone. I am enjoying the exposure and experience; I am gaining from various activities." She participated in various activities like dance and dramatics.

Iwould now like to invite you to read about the joys and new achievements of the children and families at SOS Children's Village. During the year, they have witnessed many positive changes in their lives, with the constant aid from sponsors like you.

I am so glad to share with you these stories of hope. Through my letter, I will try to tell you how your generous contributions have changed someone's life in a big way. I hope you will enjoy reading about them as much as I am in writing to you. I have changed their names so as to safeguard their privacy.

Learning road safety rules

Aakriti's* face was serious as she explained the road safety methods to an interested audience at the international book fair, held in the beginning of the year. Not one time did she get shy of the fact that there were so many people watching her.

"I tried my best to carry out the message. I felt happy when people stopped to listen. Many a times, it is not our fault, but the drivers, who do not pay attention to the walkers crossing the roads," shared Aakriti.

Children at the international book fair

"I wanted to tell people about the risks of rash driving. This platform gave me the perfect opportunity!" she said. Aakriti's talk was part of the "safe drive safe life" initiative, done in partnership with the state traffic department. The aim was to make people aware of the benefits of safe driving. A group of children from SOS Children's Village, were first given training on road safety, followed by a video on traffic rules.

After getting proper training, it was children's turn to make the vistors at the book fair aware of road safety rules. All 29 children from SOS Children's Village who participated in the event, were as committed to their task as Aakriti was, and gave moving speeches to the audience.

After the talk, children went around the book fair and participated in a quiz organized by the state traffic department. They performed extremely well and won several prizes. It was a moment of pride for all of them.

The beautiful journey of Monita

Standing on stage in a bright red and golden silk saree, with her handsome groom decked up in dhoti-kurta (India traditional wear) and a cap, Monita* looked happy. When her SOS mother came up to ask Monita something, she suddenly hugged her.

"I will miss you," she told her SOS mother Sabita," with tears in her eyes.The moment was precious for both of them.

Monita with her SOS family

"I remember the day when Monita became a part of our SOS family. Time has passed so quickly. Now she is standing there, happily married and ready to enter the new phase of her life," said her SOS mother Sabita, wiping her tears. Monita's whole life flashed before her eyes at that time. the day her daughter was welcomed to her SOS family and how happy she was when Monita would score well in her exams. Monita went on to do a primary teachers training course and started teaching in the primary section of a leading school. "What I am today is because of my SOS maother. I do not know what I would have done without her," said an emotional Monita.

When you look back at life and are able to count your blessings, it means you have lived a good life, isn't it? I am glad that we at SOS Children's Village were able to provide Monita such a life. This has been possible thanks to your contributions!

Our children dream big, thanks to you!

Monita and many other children like her have been able to achieve their dreams all because of your support. Seeing them, I feel proud and I am grateful to you for providing constant aid to our children.

Children with their drawing

I thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on behalf of our entire SOS family!

Warm regards,
National Sponsorship Co-ordinator

*All names changed due to privacy reasons

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