Windhorse Trading (India, Nepal, Thailand - Fair Trade)

Windhorse Trading

Windhorse Trading - from 1980 to 2015, now sadly closed.

Windhorse are unfortunately no more - all 'Windhorse' products are now sourced through various other importers, who carry on the legacy started by Windhorse.

windhorse : evolution was a Buddhist business: from a market stall in 1980, which developed into a leading supplier of giftware in the UK until it closed its doors in 2015.

They pioneered the process of working together to practice the Buddha’s teachings. One key feature of this was taking less for themselves to create more money to give away. All their profits went to Buddhist and social projects.

Working ethically together in teams means supporting each other to become a bit more aware, a touch kinder, a little wiser. Working together, living together, relying on each other, making deep friendships.