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Tumi Music

Tumi Music - Bringing you Inspirational Latin American Music since 1983.

Since 1983 Tumi Music has been at the forefront of the vast and diverse field of Latin music. In that year whilst in Bolivia, Mo Fini, founder of Tumi Music, heard the music of Rumillajta and in particular the poignant voice of Edgar Villarroel, and began to promote them. By organising the first ever European tour by an Andean folk band and releasing City of Stone, Rumillajta's groundbreaking debut album, Tumi Music was born.

Taking their name from a ceremonial Inca dagger called the 'Tumi' (one of the most important symbols of heritage for Latin Americans) Tumi Music's objective is to present not only the very best of the popular sounds around such as Son and Salsa but also to build up an ecclectic selection of excellent artists in as diverse fields as Cuban Conga and pre-Hispanic Ocarina music making it possible for these to continue and prosper.

Capoeira on a Brazilian Beach