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TARA Projects (India - Fair Trade)

TARA Projects

TARA - Trade Alternative Reform Action Projects (since the early Seventies).

TARA Projects (Trade Alternative Reform Action) were founded in 1973 to help poorly organised and struggling artisans in Delhi find markets for their goods. By creating opportunities for these home-based craftsmen market and sell their goods, TARA projects helps to generate steady work and income. Based on the early success of this program, they have been able to expand to a 120-mile area surrounding Delhi.

TARA projects fund non-formal and vocational schools as well as literacy centres for adults and constantly campaigning and educating people about fair trade. Their goal is to end injustice and manipulation in the world mass trade system.

TARA Projects sponsor educationCare of the environment is very important to TARA ProjectsSkilled beadwork in progress at TARA Projects