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Namaste (UK, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand - Fair Trade)


Simply The Best range of products from our Fair Trade Producer, Namaste

Namaste - a small business with a strong ethical policy.

Namaste was inspired by a journey through India in 1995 on reconditioned ex-Indian Army Enfield Bullet motorbikes. In search of some adventure, founder Sam Brummitt, his sister and her partner flew off to Kathmandu with a round the world ticket.
After an inspirational trek to Mount Everest base camp, they travelled overland to India for a quick visit that turned into a six month adventure. Sleeping under the stars most nights by the side of the road they quickly developed a passion for this most amazing sub-continent and especially the warm, friendly and hospitable people they met.
One day in Rajasthan, they got into conversation with the owner of a small textile business who suggested they went back home to England and started a business. Today Ganpat is a life long friend and is still one of Namaste's key suppliers.
Lives were changed by this chance encounter and a business was started which was named Namaste after the greeting which was so often extended to them. Some say it simply means "Hello," but a better translation, perhaps, is "I greet the spirit within you."

All Namaste Products are Traded Fairly

Many producers in developing markets do not have the capital to be able to fulfil orders, so Namaste make an advance payment for materials, workers and whatever else is necessary.
In 2002 they provided their Nepalese clothing supplier with a large advance for him to buy land, machinery and the building for a new cotton knitting workshop. These advance payments have enabled him to survive despite bad debt problems with other Western customers.

Local School Kids
Namaste Support Local Producers
Namaste Support The Esther Benjamins Trust