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Malabar Memsahib Welfare (India - Fair Trade)

Malabar Memsahib Welfare

MMW - bringing you Hand Made, Fair Trade knickers since 2011.

In January 2011, a small group of women in Ponnani, Kerala, were facing a difficult future with no work, but with help from Kerala Crafts, they set up a small shop named 'SHE'S', to sell women’s clothing, together with a stitching facility.

The woman who runs the shop was anxious about the future for her and her family, as her husband had been diagnosed with a serious illness and was unable to work.

Ponnani is not in a tourist area of Kerala, and so there is very little work other than agriculture and fishing. Ponnani is an ancient port and coastal town and as such has contributed to the trade and economy of Malabar from very early times. The port was used as a hub for trading with Arabs and Europeans in the age of British rule.

So a group of skilled women got together and started this enterprising initiative. When not selling or stitching for local customers, the ladies make fair trade knickers and baby products for Kerala Crafts. Kerala Crafts can provide a channel for marketing the products which encourages the women to feel empowered by the demand for their goods in the UK. There has been a good ‘marriage’ between traditional Indian craftsmanship using styles that are marketable in the UK.

Malabar Memsahib Welfare advertising their shop She's on local transport
Malabar Memsahib Welfare lady with Christine Snow of Kerala Crafts
Ladies in the Malabar Memsahib Welfare sewing room
I made your clothes!