Lanka Kade (UK, Sri Lanka - Fair Trade)

Lanka Kade

Fair Trade wooden toys designed in the UK and made in Sri Lanka since 1994.

At Lanka Kade, our aims and beliefs stretch way beyond supplying toys.

Our profits are used to fund the Lanka Kade Educational Foundation in Sri Lanka, supporting a variety of projects in rural schools. The foundation works at grass roots level ensuring every rupee goes directly to the cause. Our intention is always to create opportunities for independence.

Full and fair prices are paid for products.

Each business is independent and supplies directly to Lanka Kade. Middlemen are not involved and commissions are not paid, thus enabling producers to receive a full and fair price for their products. The UK is in regular contact with all producers by phone, Skype, email as well as visiting throughout the year.

A group of Lanka Kade workers in Sri Lanka
The Lanka Kade 'Family' in Sri Lanka