Lakshya Badte Kadam (India - Fair Trade)

Lakshya Badte Kadam

Recycled Newspaper Bags helping street children out of poverty. Amazing.

Ramesh Gupta was a runaway living on the streets of Delhi before he was rescued by Salaam Baalak Trust. The Trust feeds and educates street children, helping to prepare them for a productive adult life. In 2004, Ramesh decided he wanted to give something back.

He started Lakshya Badte Kadam with some friends in order to rescue other street children from railway stations, where they first come to Delhi. LBK runs a programme of income generation by making bags and other items out of recycled newspaper and fabrics. They provide employment for 15 to 20 seamstresses and so far they have managed to rescue, look after and educate 13 street children, saving them from pulling rickshaws, rag picking, drug abuse and worse.