We're Open!


We're Open!Well it took a really long time - much longer than I anticipated- but at last we now have a fully functionng system that looks after our stock, in real time, for this website, our current shop and the shop we're about to open around the corner from our main store.

There are still some 'niceties' to be written, like a few blog posts, some FAQs (Wishlists, anyone? Loyalty Rewards? We have them both...) plus a few links need to be tidied up. However, all functionality is available and we're ready for action!

Once we've opened the new shop (imminently), we'll be working to slowly upload all details of the items that are currently available in store but aren't offered online - because we need images and descriptions. This will take some time, as we currenty have over 4,500 product lines - only 890 of which are available online.

There will be some completely new sections - some Fair Trade, some ethical wooden toys - we have a huge new range that could keep expanding, if folk are interested - and Pop Culture items, as well as traditional (and not-so-traditional) LEGO.

Hope to see you soon - online or in the shop!

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  • Gavin Wright