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Producer : Tumi Music
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Rumillajta - Hoja de Coca (Coca Leaves) CD

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Cultural Ethically Produced

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    Rumillajta meaning city of stone. It's from the ancient Inca language known as Quechua. It refers to Tiwanaku on Lake Titicaca as the first stone in the city and Sacsahuaman and Machu-Picchu as the last cities of stone to be built.

    Instruments used;

    • Charango: a ten-string, mandolin-shaped instrument, believed to have originated after the Spanish invasion of South America. The original instruments were made from the chest of the condor, tortoise and armadillo shell and clay; today the charango is more commonly made from wood. It is tuned G, C, E, A and E.
    • Zamponas, Sikus and Toyos: generally known as pan pipes are made from bamboo grown in the Amazon region and are the oldest pre-Inca instruments. Traditionally they were played singly, but today they are being played in pairs. Some of the more common variations of Zamponas are: Zanka, Malta, Toyos and Chuli.
    • Quenas and Quenachos: perhaps as old as the Zamponas, the Quena is also made from bamboo. It is similar to a flute, except that it is played from the top and has seven holes.
    • Bombo: Llama or sheep hooves twisted together
    • Carantina: a bombo with a string through the skin. This instrument is used in the song 'Zuriki'.

    Music Style(s)
    Andean , Bolivian , Folk , South American

    Age Suitability
    Teen , Young Adult , Thirty-Something , Young At Heart

    Ethically Produced

    Made In UK


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