Nepal Leprosy Trust (UK, Nepal - Fair Trade)

Nepal Leprosy Trust

Established in 1972, NLT exists to beat leprosy, breaking stigma and building lives.

NLT is a family of Christian organisations based in Nepal, Ireland and the UK. Their goal is to eradicate leprosy in Nepal and to help people affected by leprosy, and their families and communities, to lift their lives out of poverty and disadvantage and enjoy health, well being and respect.

They achieve this through medical treatment, social education and village development projects, targeting individuals, small groups and wider communities.

They have been working for over 45 years in Nepal, in partnership with other organizations working with leprosy, and in partnership with the Nepal Government.

NLT products are made by Khola, a project in Kathmandu that produces leather, felt and batik items. It employs skilled craft workers who have been marginalised for a number of reasons, most often leprosy.

Early diagnosis and treatment with multi-drug therapy is crucial in treating leprosy. We provide and educate everyone having this therapy.