Luna Tree Jewellery (UK, Thailand - Fair Trade)

Luna Tree Jewellery

Luna Tree Jewellery - "From Their World To Ours" since 2007.

Luna Tree Jewellery (based in Chester, UK) deal exclusively with one community of the Karen Hill Tribes of Chiang Mai. The silversmiths of this village are highly creative individuals and work closely with Luna, who visit them annually to discuss new designs and place orders.

Sterling Silver is '925', or 92.5% pure silver. Compare this with the Hill Tribe jewellery, which is made from 99.9% pure silver. This purity means it tarnishes less quickly than Sterling and retains its beauty longer, needing less polishing. The quality is also assayed by the UK Assay Office, meaning it is guaranteed 99.9% pure.

All Luna Tree Jewellery is hallmarked where necessary; only pieces over a certain weight need the mark, however all pieces have guaranteed loveliness. All fittings are Sterling Silver, which is harder wearing for the pointy bits that go through ears, etc.!

Each piece is unique; all the pieces are hand crafted. Enjoy!

The above video is Episode 5, Series 2 by BBC TV about women who 'went tribal'. In this episode, Jackie Davis from Bristol, UK visits the Karen Hill Tribe of Chiang Mai, Thailand. While not associated with Luna Tree Jewellery, this video gives a flavour of Karen Tribe life.