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Hooligans Kids (South Africa - Fair Trade)

Hooligans Kids

Simply The Best range of products from our Fair Trade Producer, Hooligans Kids

At Hoolies, they have a soapbox about children's clothing manufactured in China, BY CHILDREN! While costs might be much lower, they simply will not succumb to the lure of cheap stuff to raise their profit margins. All production is done by the Wildlife co-operative in Durban, South Africa. They have a say in the final selling price and a portion of each sales goes to the Wildlife education Trust which was set up to assist their children to further their education.

Social Conscience

► No person under 18 years of age is employed by Hooligans.
► Single Household heads are given preference for employment.
► Counseling programs and medical assistance for HIV positive staff.
► Preferential procurement for BEE accredited suppliers.
► Cotton Single Jersey is sourced from South African mills.

Quality and Safety

► All poppers are nickel & lead free, tested for safety and certified to be safely used in children's clothing.
► Cords are kept short to avoid strangulation and tiny fingers getting tangled up.
► Their handmade dolls have CE approval - tested for flammability and toxicity.
► Extra poppers and leg openings so baby stays snug and warm.
► Non toxic inks and dyes are used in the printing process.
Hoolies are frequently asked about the use of flame retardants in the fabrics that they use but they are unable to find a source that proves these chemicals to be safe for use in children’s clothing items.

Hoolies Kid
Hoolies Kid
Hoolies Kid
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