Cards from Africa (UK, Rwanda - Fair Trade)

Cards from Africa

Can greetings cards change lives? We believe they can.

Every cardmaker we employ has a story of hope and personal triumph.

Every one of our crafted cards is carefully made by hand, is signed on the back by the cardmaker, and incorporates handmade paper which is made by recycling office waste. This makes our cards environmentally friendly, and ensures that we have a large range of colours and textures of paper to work with.
At Cards from Africa we are restoring hope to those who are barely surviving, offering well-paid employment to those who need it the most. We provide a stepping-stone for our cardmakers to transition easily to another career or start their own business someday. We provide them with fair trade work that truly embodies better lives.

Faida, one of CFA's card makersJean-Marie, one of CfA's card makersClemence, one of CfA's card makersSophie, one of CfA's card makers