Rani at Eight - May 2012


Update on Rani from SOS Children's Village, May 2012

Warm greetings to you from SOS Children's Village!

With pleasure we invite you to read along and share the recent developments that took place in your sponsored child Rani's life. We articulate our unfeigned thanks and love to you for your patronage and guidance in the arena of our mission. Before we go any further, we would like to convey our sincere thanks for the love and care you are ever providing to her.

Rani has grown cute, playful and friendly in nature. She is enjoying good health and is progressing well. As per medical reports her health status is normal. Her height is 3'11" and weight 22kg. She loves to greet guests and behaves decently with everybody. She loves all her siblings and mother in Anuradha's family. She has three sisters and three brothers at home.

Rani has been promoted to her new class II. She is studying in her Municipal School. She has scored 55% of marks this year. In class she is well behaved and obedient. She is appreciated in school for her behavior and good conduct. She has done well in English subject. She is provided tuitions in Mathematics and all other subjects. She participated in many cultural programmes in school and village.

Rani loves to eat normal Bengali food cooked by her mother. She prefers to eat sweet dishes. On holidays she loves to watch cartoon and animated films. She enjoys watching kids' movies, music reality shows, reading kids books and listening to music. She plays with toys, carom board, and building blocks. She goes to play in the playfield in the evening. She enjoys playing hide and seek, cops and robbers, football, cricket. Her best friends are llita and Shukla. She is practicing yoga and dance in village. She participated in different group dances in programmes organized at village on SOS Day, Mother's Day and New Year's Celebration. She went to participate in yoga competitions this year.

Rani along with her family went for a day out to a nearby village. She enjoyed and relaxed the whole day. The children freely wandered and played in the fields of natural plantations, agricultural farms and green,vegetation. She also went for educational tours from school this year.

These are all the news for the moment about Rani. We are very thankful to you for all your help and support. You made all this possible and make us able to give Rani a better life and future full with happiness and love.

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