Moo Free (UK)

Moo Free

moo free… creating tasty milk-free chocolate since 2010.

Mike Jessop suffers from lactose intolerance; his wife Andrea suffers from gluten intolerance. In 2004 they started a specialist chocolate service online, detailing all ingredients.

Before long parents were asking them if they could source Easter eggs and Advent Calendars for their young ones. Mike & Andrea searched the world but could find no supplier. The seed was sown and in 2008 they remortgaged their house and embarked upon a mission to create a tasty 'Moo-Free' chocolate substitute.

By the end of 2010 they had created Moo Free and let it loose upon an unsuspecting public. Despite funding troubles, in 2016 they won the Queen's Award For Enterprise and everything started to take off.

Today they have a range of Easter Eggs, an Advent Calendar, a Selection Box, many different flavours of 'Mini Moos' and standard 'chocolate' bars along with other tasty treats for kiddies (and anyone else!).

No products here at the minute - but don't worry, we're either restocking or they're in the pipeline... Please check back later!