Kisac (Kenya - Fair Trade)


Kefat, Cofta and WFTO in Kenya…

Kisac believes in uplifting and ethical business practices. They are members of several Fair Trade Networks including the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), Cooperation for Alternative Trade in Africa (Cofta) and the Kenyan Federation for Alternative Trade (Kefat).

Set in the beautiful green hills of the Kisii province of Kenya, Kisac offers the richness of hand carved soapstone products coupled with world class logistics and customer service. Anchored in village life and involved in the community, half of Kisac's revenue goes directly to the artisans that make the product. A percentage of all sales is also put aside for social programs in the Kisii area.

Washing and Sanding a soapstone Love Knot at Kisac
Decorating a soapstone bowl at Kisac