CRC Exports (India - Fair Trade)

CRC Exports

CRC - founded in 1990 by Irani Sen and the late Manoranjan Walia to promote self-determination amidst India's artisan community.

CRC believes that all human beings have three basic needs to survive - income, health and education. Once a secure income is assured, can a person be motivated to take care of his/her health and education. Additionally, for any social change to be successful, it has to come from the bottom, and only then can it be termed sustainable development.

Today after 24 years of existence and having started with zero resources, CRC is completely self reliant with its own corpus fund for sustainability. Above all, CRC believes in maintaining complete transparency and accountable business relations with suppliers and customers.

Producers and workers are given a chance to participate in the decision-making processes and have a voice within their organization.

CRC Exports Worker
CRC Exports Worker