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Cool Trade Winds (UK, India, Nepal, Thailand - Fair Trade)

Cool Trade Winds

Cool Trade Winds - Quality Fair Trade Scarves since 2001

"We are a small independent company that has been trading since 2001 and owned and run by Natalie Ball since February 2011."

​"We predominantly source our products from Nepal, India and Thailand and strongly believe that the path to success lies in partnerships and fairness. Whether it be ensuring our suppliers get a fair price, so they in turn can pay their staff a decent wage or offering quality hand made scarves at an affordable prices, we believe we are all in it together and we are here to help."

"Each purchase from Cool Trade Winds allows us to continue trading with our suppliers. Whether they are small family run businesses or social welfare communities. We ensure the artisans are treated fairly, with dignity and respect they deserve. They are talented men and women who are keeping traditional skills alive that would otherwise would be lost. ​"

Cool Trade Winds worker

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